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A Parent's Love: The Best Possible Start

The foundation for getting children ready for school and for life begins at birth, with parents playing the strongest role as their child's first and best teacher.

Grounded in loving, joyful times with mom and dad, building a rich world of experiences is how parents can nurture their child's full potential.

The top character traits that American moms ranked as important for baby to achieve in life:

1. Happiness
2. Honesty
3. Kindness
4. Respect for parents and elders
5. Good personal hygeine

American moms also placed a greater emphasis on the individual than the other countries surveyed.

  • 57% strongly agreed that individualism is a personality trait important for a child to achieve.
  • Comparatively, individualism fell at the bottom of the 28-trait list for moms in China, Brazil, and France.
  • 66% strongly agreed that every baby is an individual who grows and dvelops at their own pace.



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