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Canine Companions for Veterans

Read about the mission and vision behind this non-profit organization that helps provide trained service dogs to the veterans who need them.

Lauren Alexander was inspired to start Canine Companions for Veterans when her close veteran friend committed suicide.

Her friend had served two tours, and after returning home was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). He was unable to cope with the symptoms of PTSD and was consumed by it.

Lauren later discovered that when veterans who suffer from PTSD have a trained service animal, the risk of suicide decreases drastically.

That’s when she was moved to work on a solution that could make a real difference.



Lauren, who also suffers from PTSD, was motivated to found the organization. Her goal is to help all veterans who suffer from certain diseases and disorders, by providing them with a service dog.

Lauren’s vision for Canine Companions for Veterans is to provide as many veterans as possible with trained service dogs.

She has sought counsel from veteran organizations to fully understand the needs of veterans and gain insight on the training that service dogs require to assist the veterans with whom they are paired.


To find out more information and to get involved with Canine Companion for Veterans, click here.

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