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Homeownership Changes Lives

Read a personal story from a family who partnered with Habitat for Humanity to build a home they now call their own.

Evan calls his Habitat house a force multiplier, and here’s what he means.

The affordable mortgage that he pays for his home in the San Francisco Bay Area allows him to support his family and continue his life’s work and passion: teaching...

Not all that long ago, Evan wasn’t so sure that he could afford to continue to teach after Kitte stayed home to raise their two young sons...

Evan, Kitte, James, and Sean

Evan and Kitte had been paying 60 percent of their income to rent a home in one of the area’s less expensive communities.

“We had a lot of mold and moisture problems in that house,” Evan says. Their younger son, 6-year-old Sean, has allergies. “We were dealing with coughing and asthma issues with him,” Evan says.

Several years ago, when Evan was principal and a biology teacher at a small Christian school, he was clearing the clutter from his desk when he ran across fliers that Greater San Francisco Habitat had dropped off.

“I looked at one and realized that I was right smack in the middle of the income range to qualify,” Evan says. “And in this real estate world of making a buck, here was this program that was completely surprising and wonderful.

Today, Evan and Kitte pay an affordable mortgage for their rehabbed Habitat home in East Palo Alto... Sean’s cough has gone away, but he’s kept his love of insects, which he constantly graces the house with.

Habitat has allowed me to stay in education,” Evan says. “As I said, it is a force multiplier.


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