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Peace Through Commerce

Peace Through Commerce ® (PTC) is a strategic, global and educational nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a world where all people enjoy peace and prosperity.

Their organization works to solve complex global problems like war, poverty and inequality by identifying and focusing on the core values and subsystems that make up a community, using their pioneering technology, the Matrix of Peace™ Systems Model (MOP).

The MOP is used to design and actualize peaceful and prosperous societies – big and small.

  • It illuminates the core values and consciousness ecosystem making up a community and identifies the values needed for peace-building.

  • It highlights the best practices within and among the three key subsystems of any society: commerce (businesses), civil society (churches, nonprofits), and law (the legal framework of the community)...

In other words, sustainable peace is a byproduct of a society whose commercial, civil society and legal subsystems co-operate interdependently and draw upon shared, peace-optimizing values.


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