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Read a blog post from Save the Children (Vietnam) Community Volunteer, Tan Senh Chieu:

I am Chieu, President of the Women’s Union in Tong Sanh commune and a mother of 2 kids... I also have been a community volunteer with Save the Children since October 2015... 

Chieu with her son, nephew and daughter

My homeland is very poor... Come rain or shine, most children only have a few light clothes to call their own. In school, due to the lack of learning and teaching materials, students would just play with old toys or roll about aimlessly in the mud and sand.

Since Save the Children started working in Tong Sanh, it has supported my children and the children of my neighbors..

One day, when I picked my daughter up from kindergarten, I suddenly saw in the schoolyard a new outdoor play area decorated with colorful painted car tires. My daughter was beside herself with excitement, and told me, “Mommy, today I felt so happy while playing with the slide, which I could see on television but couldn’t touch before.”

Around the same time, my son shared with my husband and I that his school had a new water system, and he was learning about washing his hands with soap. I was so happy because our children no longer had to play in the dirt, and could wash their hands with clean water whenever they wanted!

The Vice Chairman of Peoples Committee for our community informed me that Save the Children was seeking community volunteers who would commit and be willing to take on the responsibility of being the connection between sponsors and sponsored children...

I could contribute to the community’s development through participating in these program activities...

Chieu training school children on how to wash their hands with soap.

While working in the field, I’ve seen the bright smiles and happy faces of the children Sponsorship reaches... Children will have better learning conditions with new latrines, new classrooms and teacher training courses – none of which would we be able to access without Save the Children support...

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