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The New IQ

Read about some findings from an international study by Fisher-Price exploring moms' attitudes and approaches to early childhood development.

Do today's moms seek a balance to development, placing greater emphasis on their child's character? It seems so. Traits like happiness, respectfulness, kindness, honesty, and politeness dominated the top five qualities moms hoped their child would achieve in life over attributes like intellect, success, power, and influence. 

Further, when post-natal moms were asked to describe their child, happy, smiling and beautiful were the words used, more than bright, intelligent and smart. 

In addition, the top parenting attitudes among moms in this study were:

1. Let children be children.

2. Play is the natural way to learn.

Since moms believe that play is the natural way children learn, below are the activities that moms with children report engaging in daily:

  • 40% take walks
  • 42% read to baby
  • 53% sing or dance
  • 75% sit on the floor and play with baby
  • 76% let their children play with toys
  • 89% talk to their children



To find more about Fisher-Price and their focus on early childhood development, click here.

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