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Your Baby's Mind: 6 to 8 Months

Read an article from Fisher Price on Early Childhood Development!

Between six and eight months, your baby's memory develops. They anticipate events based on their past experience. They think before they act. They make associations. They know that their toy will make a sound when they drop it.

When you put your coat on, they cry because they know you are leaving. They will remember the way things looked before, such as the placement of furniture in their room, and they will notice any changes. They become aware of the timing of certain events. They may crawl to the door to greet their babysitter before she arrives. 

Awareness Of Self And Others
At this age, your baby becomes aware of their own movements and enjoys watching them. They like looking at themselves in the mirror.

They will respond to a photograph of themselves. They also begin to distinguish familiar faces from strange ones. 

Things To Stimulate His Mind
Give your baby things in assorted colors, shapes, and sizes to play with and explore. Toys that require them to do something--nesting cups or stacking rings--will stimulate them to try new things.

They will naturally discover and strengthen new abilities. The more you interact with your baby and their toys, the more effective they will be at stimulating their mind.


To find more about Fisher-Price and their focus on early childhood development, click here.

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