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An Explanation of Local Food: Part 4

For just a glimpse of what the future might hold for Local food systems, it’s useful to consider how aspects of a global, industrialized food system, which many people do enjoy, are productively being brought into the folds of Local foodways. We find that the modern realm of agriculture and agtech offer enormous promise for sustainably growing Local produce, improving food security and fostering a Local identity.

FreshBox Farms Grows Local Food

FreshBox Farms grows at our hydroponic farm in Millis, MA using Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) – practices that enable us to farm year-round. We offer fresh produce to Local Boston-area consumers within 24 hours of harvest, regardless of if there’s a foot of snow on the ground or if the sun is shining bright. By placing our farm in close proximity to an urban center, we’re able to provide consistently impressive yields of nutritious, delicious leafy greens, helping to support Local food security. Additionally, we use 99% less water and land than traditional agriculture, and our produce doesn’t require thousands of food miles to be spent on its transportation to a retail location – all of our sales partners are located within 100 miles of our farm! Finally, because of our CEA technology, we’re able to grow an enormous variety of cultivars that otherwise would not be able to grow in our climate region, as well as propagate particular heirloom varieties of crops, all of which permit us to help contribute to the preservation of a Local food identity and biodiversity.

Support your Local Farmer.

Freshbox Farms is The Thoughtful Choice.

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