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FreshBox Farms + Convoy of Hope

FreshBox Farms has worked hard to lead the way in agricultural technology, building the most efficient indoor farming environments in the industry. They want to make fresh local produce accessible, especially in the areas that need it most, and they do this by growing a field of leafy greens inside a shipping container that can exist anywhere!

Just check out the numbers to see how FreshBox Farms can #GrowMoreUsingLess...

Compared to traditional field-based farming:
 • 99% less water
 • 1% the amount of land
 • 8% the amount of CO2

Compared to other Urban Farmers:
 • At 1/3 the cost, FreshBox Farms can feed 1,000-1,500 families per month with one shipping container, versus the average 300-500 families.

FreshBox Farms

Take action with us! Share this #GrowMoreUsingLess story and FreshBox Farms will donate $1 to Convoy of Hope, to advance their sustainable agriculture initiatives in support of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal #2 for food security. Share now to unlock change!


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