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Feeding America aiding Hurricane Harvey victims

Hurricane Harvey has already devastated parts of Texas, and there’s no doubt that the storm will continue to affect our neighbors and communities throughout the region. Feeding America is working around the clock to help those in need during this tragedy.

What’s Happening

Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas on Friday as a Category 4 hurricane — the strongest storm to hit our country in 10 years. Tragically, it left at least five people dead, an estimated 30,000 seeking temporary shelter, and many thousands stranded as rescuers worked around the clock to respond to calls for help. Harvey will continue to dump unprecedented amounts of rain on Southeast Texas for the next few days, according to the National Weather Service. Many homes have been lost or severely damaged by flooding and hundreds of thousands are without power.

What We’re Doing

 When disaster strikes, the Feeding America network is on the ground and ready to deliver food and emergency supplies to help people cope in the aftermath.

Feeding America staged food and disaster supplies in locations throughout the South in the days prior to the storm. As the harsh weather continues to batter southeast Texas, Feeding America food banks are delivering food, water, cleaning supplies and other essentials to communities devastated by the storm. At the national level, Feeding America is conducting ongoing monitoring of the situation on-the-ground and coordinating efforts with disaster partners including the American Red Cross and FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency).

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