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Their vision

Their vision is to grow their business, while decoupling their environmental footprint from their growth and increasing their positive social impact.

Inclusive business

Their business has always been driven by a sense of purpose, a thread that connects us to their founding companies and their social missions to improve health, hygiene and livelihoods in their communities.

We continue to believe that business must make a positive contribution to addressing the challenges the world faces and that this is the only way a business will succeed. In 2009, they launched The Compass – Their strategy for sustainable growth, setting out their determination to build a sustainable business for the long term.


Sustainability targets

The Unilever Sustainable Living Plan, launched in 2010, laid the blueprint for achieving this strategy. They continue to work towards the ambitious targets they have set themselves for halving their environmental impact, improving the health and wellbeing of 1 billion people, and enhancing the livelihoods of millions.

They will grow their business by building on their strengths – combining their scale and expertise with their understanding of consumers in diverse markets to continue providing brands and services that people want and need. Their sustainable business model is making a difference to millions of people’s lives and to their environmental impact, and they will keep working to make these contributions greater. They’re also already seeing evidence that it is strengthening their business by helping to drive growth and trust, and reduce risk and cost.

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