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Champions For Kids

Champions for Kids was founded in 2004 as a result of the escalating needs of children in communities. Champions for Kids makes it simple to give kids in your community the resources they need to thrive. The organization began with three core commitments:

1. Someone who cares.

2. A place to belong.

3. Hope for tomorrow and provisions for their journey.

We began with a commitment to provide help for all children—not some children. People care about the future of our children and they will help. By focusing on a solution rather than the problem, Champions for Kids discovered that the most effective solution is through the leverage of people. People care about children. And if asked to help, they will do what they can. Thus the name, Champions for Kids.

Champions for Kids has always been about people who are and will be Champions for Kids. They are everywhere. We only need to find ways to leverage their passion, commitments and influence. The mission has always been focused on the mobilization of people. The Mobilizing MILLIONS theme is new, but the mission is not. The theme simply is a way to bring focused attention to the power of people and the leverage people can bring.

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