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About GoodXChange


Your simple actions fund causes you love! 

The Big Idea
Advances in social media and mobile technologies have changed the way brands reach and communicate with consumers. Currently, brands spend over $2 trillion to get the attention of consumers. GoodXChange allows people to have access to those marketing dollars and redirect them to causes they care about.

How It Works
GoodXChange will determine a small digital action that will achieve the desired goals of the brand. When people take that action - ie. read a piece of content, watch a video, share a post, etc. - it "unlocks" those marketing dollars toward the cause sponsored by the brand. We call these, "Good Exchanges."

Everyone Wins
In our "Good Exchanges," consumers engage with brands more deeply and less expensively because they're better motivated - their actions are helping a cause important to them. So the brand performs better, the consumer feels better, and the charity can do more good work in the world. It's a win/win/win equation.

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